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Top section in profiles

Update your status

If you are looking at your own profile, you can post a status message by typing it into the speech bubble next to your avatar (see: User Control Panel). You may only use plain text here, and whatever you type here will show up next to your username at the top of your profile, as well as in your live feed.

Other people's profiles

If you are looking at someone else's profile, their avatar will have other options next to it instead of a speech bubble. Which options you'll see there will depend partly on which options the person has enabled, and partly on other factors. For example, you can't send someone a friend request if that person is already on your friend list.

Send a PM or email

If the person has one or both of these enabled, you can send them an Inbox Private Message or an Email Private Message. These are two separate features, but both are explained under Private Messages.

Send a Friend request or Follow

If you follow someone, you can see their activity in your live feed, but that's pretty much it. If you send a friend request and they accept (or vice versa), you will see each other's activity in your own live feeds, plus you will be able to chat privately (see: One on One Chat) with them.


If the person has one or more of these enabled, and if you also have the same service, you can click on one of these icons next to their avatar to instant message them.

Follow on Twitter

If someone supplies their Twitter name (see User Control Panel on how to enter yours here) there will be a link in their profile so you can follow them that way.

Live Feed, aka Wall

This section will list some of your own activity, as well as some of the activity of people in your friend list.

Make a wall post

If you wish to embed a video in your Live Feed, you may do so by clicking on the "Post on your wall" link at the top of the live feed in your own profile.

Shoutout to a friend

If you are looking at a friend's profile, you can post a "Shoutout" to them by clicking on "Do a public shoutout to (friend's name)."

Who can see what info

If someone is on your friend list, or if you are following someone, you will see their actions in your own live feed, as well as in their live feed. If someone is not on your friend list and you're not following them, you can still see their actions by looking at the live feed in their profile.

Other info that displays here

In addition to the actions you can take on the live feed itself, it will also show a message when someone joins, adds someone to their friend list, creates a message board, makes a blog post, comments on a blog post, comments on someone's live feed, does a public shoutout to a friend, updates their status, or makes a wall post.

If you wish to remove a message from your live feed, hover your cursor over it (or tap on the message, if using a device with a touch-screen). This will bring up an 'x' that you can then click on to remove the message.


To access your blog or someone else's, click on the "Blog" tab in that person's profile.

For help with posting to your blog, please see Blogs.


To see your friend list or someone else's, click on the "Friends" tab in that person's profile.

To remove someone from your friend list, go to your own profile, click on the "Friends" tab, then hover on that person's name or avatar. This will display an 'x' that you can click on, which will remove them from your friend list.

Miscellaneous info

This section will list various information. Depending on the person's privacy settings, it may include:
Miscellaneous info
   • Registration date – will always show
   • Location – if entered, and depends on privacy setting
   • Interests – if entered
   • Occupation – if entered
   • Link to their home page – if entered
   • Personal bio – if entered
Bookmarks – if added, and depends on privacy setting
Boards you own – You won't see anyone else's boards here; only your own.
Last posts – Applies to public boards and forums only, and depends on privacy setting. This will not show posts that are made in private boards or forums.

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