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User Control Panel

You can reach your control panel by clicking on the "Control Panel" link in the navigation bar at the top of any page.

Change password

To change your password, enter your current password once, and your desired new password twice.

Registration information

In this section, you can edit your:

   • Real name
   • Primary email
   • Secondary (backup) email
   • Capitalization of Runboard username
   • Date of birth
   • Place of birth
   • Personal website link
   • Personal interests
   • Public bio
   • Occupation

 Miscellaneous settings

In this section, you can edit your:

• Forum signature — This will be displayed under every message board post you make. You may use BBCode in signatures.
     • Sticky signature — All posts made with a sticky signature will always bear the current signature.
     • Really sticky signature — Even posts made with a non-sticky signature will reflect the current signature.

• Forum options
     • Override forum profanity filter — This pertains to the default profanity filter that is enabled throughout Runboard. This will have no effect on any custom profanity settings that may be applied by a board's administrators.
     • Redirect to topic after posting — If set, you will be redirected to the post you just made. This can be helpful if you're posting at a busy board, where someone might have posted just seconds before you did. If you leave this checkbox blank, you will be redirected to the list of topics for that forum.

• Avatar and location
     • Your avatar is the image that displays at the top of your profile, as well as next to live feed comments and forum posts, etc. This image should be square if you don't want it to look distorted, and fairly small, such as 60×60 or 100×100 pixels. You will need to upload this image to a host that will allow hotlinking, then enter the URL of the image into the space provided. For more information, see: Posting Images.
     • If you enter something into the location field, it will be displayed in the Miscellaneous Info section of your profile, as well as next to your message board posts. You can control who sees this in your privacy settings.

• Twitter, MSN, etc. — If you want to allow people to contact you via ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, or Twitter, enter your identity or username here. Note: Filling this in will make it available to the whole world, so don't do this if you want to keep this information private.

• Inbox options
     • Accept Inbox Private Messages (PMs) — If checked, any Runboard user will be able to send you a PM, unless you add them to your ignore list. If un-checked, you may add usernames to your allow list to override this setting for select people.
     • PM greeting message — If you enter something here, people will see this message before they can send you a PM. You may use BBCode here.
     • PM email notification — If checked, you will receive an email every time someone sends you a PM. This email will say who sent the PM, but you will need to log into Runboard and check your PM inbox to see the content of that PM.
     • Accept email Private Messages — Instead of going to your PM inbox, email private messages go straight to your email. This feature will not allow anyone to see your email address, and you can not respond by simply clicking on "reply." If you want to respond (assuming the sender doesn't personally give you their email address), you must log into Runboard and send either an email PM or an inbox PM.
     • For more information, see: Private Messages.

• Blog options — Activate or deactivate your blog here, and choose how many entries to show per page. For more information about blogs, see Blogs.

• Everything else
     • External CSS URL — This is currently disabled, so ignore it.
     • Use AKSH — When enabled, this will display a small form at the bottom of every page that performs various shortcuts, such as entering your control panel, or sending someone a PM. For more information, see AKSH.

Privacy settings
What do the 5 different privacy levels mean?

• The whole world — Anyone may see it, whether they have a Runboard account or not. This includes search engines.

• All Runboard users — Anyone who is logged in to a Runboard account.

• Friends and friends of friends — Anyone on your friend list may see it, and anyone on their friend list may see it.
      For example:
      • Joan is on your friend list.
      • Ron is on Joan's friend list, but not on your friend list.
      • Ron can see it if you choose this option, because he's a friend of a friend.

• Friends only — Only people on your friend list can see it.

• Only me — Private. Not even your friends can see it.

These 5 privacy levels can be applied to the following:

• Day and month of birth — We are planning to start sending birthday alerts in the future. If this is set to "Only me," your friends won't receive these alerts for your birthday.

• Year of birth — This is set separately from day and month, so you can choose to let people know your birthday without having to divulge your age.

• List of recent public forum posts — There is a space on the Miscellaneous Info section of your profile that will show your last public posts, if your privacy setting allows it. This setting will also affect whether your public posts will be seen in the Messageflow. Note the word "public" in this setting. Even if you allow the whole world to see your last public posts, posts made in private boards or forums will not show here nor in the Messageflow.

• Premium status, if any — If you are a Premium user, you may choose whether to hide this fact.

• My bookmarks — There is a space on the Miscellaneous Info section of your profile that will show your Runboard bookmarks, if your privacy setting allows it.

• Display me on "Who is online" list on forums — Only Premium User accounts can be anonymous.

• Display me on forum member lists — Only Premium User accounts can be invisible. Board administrators will see you on their board's member list no matter what.

• Appear in search results — See: Search for boards and people for information about this feature.

• Display my location — If you have entered anything for a location under Miscellaneous Settings, this will display under your name in forum posts and in the Miscellaneous Info section of your profile, for anyone you allow to see it.

Mailing preferences

You may choose whether to receive certain types of emails. Currently, the only option that has any effect is the master "NOMAIL" switch, because we haven't started doing birthday alerts yet, and haven't sent a newsletter in quite some time, but there are plans to do this eventually.

• Runboard newsletter — Infrequently released, and never any third party ads.

• Promotional newsletter — Help keep Runboard free! Subscribe to our promotional newsletter and you will never miss out on freebies, promotional offers, and other content from Runboard and Runboard affiliates. Infrequently released, no adult content, and your email is not disclosed to third parties.

• Board admin newsletter — Information and tips for board admins. May contain promotions. Infrequently released. Highly recommended if you run, administer or moderate a board.

• Birthday alerts — Never miss a friend's birthday, unless your friend has it set to "only me" in their privacy settings.

• Master "NoMail" switch — Disables all emails from Runboard. Warning: You will not be able to retrieve your Runboard password if you have this checked.

Edit bookmarks

To add a bookmark, enter the URL of the page you want to bookmark, then submit the form. Do not enter the http:// part of the URL, or the link will not work.

After you submit the URL, you'll see it listed in two different boxes. Do not change the text in the first box, unless you entered the URL incorrectly and need to fix it. You can change the text in the 2nd box, so the link will say what you want it to say.

To make sure the link is working correctly, you can click on the corresponding link on that page.

To remove a bookmark, simply delete the text in both fields for that link, then submit the form.

 Disable/Enable chat

If chat is enabled, click on "Disable chat" to disable it. If it's disabled, click on "Enable chat" to enable it.

Board management

If you are an owner, administrator, or moderator of a board, you will see a dropbox under the heading of, "You have special access to these boards." In the dropbox, select the name of the board you wish to manage, then click on the "Manage" button. To learn how to use the various board management functions, see: Manage Your Board.

(View) Bookmarks

Here, you will find a list of links you have added to your Runboard bookmarks. You can add a board to your bookmarks by clicking on the "Add board to bookmarks" link (wording may vary depending on the board's customization), or you can add bookmarks manually. See Edit bookmarks for how to add them manually.

Last Visited (Boards)

Here, you will find a list of boards you have visited recently.

Purchase User Premium

If you have a Free User account, you can upgrade it to Premium by clicking on the "Upgrade my account" button at the bottom of your control panel. If you have a Premium User account, the wording of this button will say, "Extend my Premium," and there will be a note near that button that tells you when your Premium is set to expire, so you can renew it before it runs out.

See also: Free vs Premium Accounts.

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