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Private Messages

 Types of private messages

There are two types of private messages:

       • Inbox private messages
       • Email private messages

You will often hear the first one simply referred to as, "private messages" or "PMs," and the 2nd one simply referred to as "emails."

You may enable or disable PMs and emails in your Miscellaneous settings > Inbox options, as explained here: User Control Panel: Miscellaneous settings.

There are various ways to get where you need to go in order to send a PM or email:

       • At the top of that person's profile.
       • A link that accompanies every message board post they make.
       • A board's member list, which you can access through the board statistics section of the main page of any board.
       • By using your AKSH box.

Inbox Private Messages

If you are logged in to Runboard and receive a private message, the "Inbox" link in the black navigation bar will become bold, and there will be a number in parentheses to tell you how many unread PMs you have.

If someone sends you a PM, you will have to be logged in to Runboard and click on your "Inbox" link to read it. To reply to a PM, click on the "Reply" button. If you are met with a message saying that user doesn't accept PMs, you can go to their profile and see if there's an option to send them an email instead. If you don't see "Send an email" or "Send a PM" next to their avatar at the top of their profile, then they have left you with no way to respond.

Remember, the settings for all of the following options are under Control Panel > Miscellaneous settings > Inbox options.

Email notifications of PMs received

This will send you an email to let you know when you have received a new PM, but you will still need to log in to read it.

PM greeting message

People will see this when they're about to send you a PM. You can use this the same way you would an outgoing voicemail or answering machine message. BBCode can be used here.

There is a limit on how many PMs you can store, and the length of PMs you can send. These limits depend on whether you have a free or premium account, and are listed under "User Accounts" here: Free vs Premium

PM ignore user list

If inbox PMs are enabled, adding usernames to this list will prevent those users from being able to send you inbox private messages.

PM allow user list

If inbox PMs are disabled, adding usernames to this list will allow those people to send you PMs anyway.

Email Private Messages

If "Accept email Private Messages" is checked, others will be able to send you messages that can be read directly in your email inbox. You won't have to log in to Runboard to read these messages, but you will have to be logged in to respond to them.

You can not reply directly to an email private message by clicking on "Reply" in your email. Instead, you need to click on the link that's automatically provided in that email, log in to Runboard if you're not already logged in, and send your reply from there. If you can't reply that way, go to that person's profile and see if they have the "Send a PM" option enabled. If they do, this button will be next to their avatar at the top of their profile. If you don't see an option to send them a PM or an email, then they have left you with no way to respond.

There is no "ignore" or "accept" list for the email option, so if you want to control who can send you private messages, you can disable emails and only accept inbox PMs.
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