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One on One Chat

This will tell you how to chat one-on-one with a friend. To participate in a board-wide chat or Runboard global-wide chat, see the topic titled, 'Chat Rooms'.

First, you need friends

Before you can chat one on one with a friend, you need to have one or more friends on your friend list.

To add a friend to your friend list, you can go to their profile and click on "Add as a friend" next to their avatar near the top of the page, or you can click on their name at any message board, then click on "Add as a friend" in the popup there.

To chat with a friend

To chat with a friend, click on the chat tab at the bottom right corner of the screen, then click on your friend's name on the left. Type your message into the box at the bottom of the chat interface, then press the <enter> key on your keyboard to send it.

Unread messages

If someone sends you a message while you're not engaged in a chat with them, you'll see a red dot next to their name. If you have unread messages, you'll also see a number in parentheses in the title bar and tab of your browser. This number will indicate how many friends are waiting for you to read their chat messages.

Resizing the chat box

Hover your cursor over the corner that's closest to the center of your screen. When you see the cursor change, click on it and drag it.

Minimizing the chat box

To minimize the chat box, click on the down arrow.

Moving the chat box

You can move your chat box to a different corner of the screen by clicking and dragging on the 4-arrow icon.

Setting your status

The dropbox will let you set your status to Online, Away, or Hidden.

• Online: People will see a green icon next to your name.
• Away: People will see a yellow icon next to your name. Your icon will automatically turn yellow after a while of inactivity.
• Hidden: Your icon will turn gray, to make it look like you're offline.

Theme switcher

You can change the way your chat box looks by clicking on the camera icon.
Inserting smileys

Click on the smiley to bring up the clickable smileys. You may either click on a smiley to insert it into your message, or if you know the code for it, you can type it directly into the box. You can also surprise your friends with a few hidden smileys, by typing in the codes:

    <3 = heart
    :* = kiss
    m/ = metalhead

Help with chat

If you click on the question mark icon, it will take you to the chat FAQ at Runboard Support.

Audio alerts

If you have these enabled, you'll hear a sound when you receive a new message. There are three settings for these audio alerts:

• Full: You'll hear an alert whether the chat interface is open or closed. Represented by speaker with two sound waves.
• Half: You'll only hear an alert if the chat interface is closed. Represented by speaker with one sound wave.
• None: You won't hear any alerts. Represented by speaker with no sound waves.

You can click on this speaker icon to change the audio alert setting.

Watch this video tutorial (5m 13s)

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