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The AKSH box is a handy little box that lets you perform a few shortcuts. You can enable this box for yourself in the miscellaneous settings of your personal control panel.

When enabled, the AKSH box is located at the bottom of every page, unless you're at a board where the board owner has moved it.

To get a list of available commands, you can type help into the AKSH box, but here is the short list of commands:

help – displays the list of commands
cp – go to your personal control panel.
cp b – go to the control panel of the board you're at, if you have admin or moderator access to it.
pm – go to your PM inbox.
pm username – Replace username with the person's user name to PM a user. If the user name has spaces in it, replace the spaces with underscores.
mail username – Send email to the user. If the user name has spaces it in, replace them with underscores.
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