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Definitions: Account, Board, Forum, Blog, Wall, Live Feed, Chat Room

Ask yourself the following...

If you are seeking the answer to a question, would you:

a) write a note and stick it on your wall at home, or

b) post an advertisement on a public bulletin board at a business or club that's related to the thing you are asking about?

All too often, we have seen people post in their personal blog or create their own message board that no one will ever see, when their obvious intent was to join an already-established message board.

If you familiarize yourself with the following terminology, you can avoid some common mistakes and make the most out of Runboard's services.

Message board, aka board:

A message board is a community that contains one or more forums.

A forum contains one or more threads, aka topics.

A thread contains one or more posts.


A blog and a message board are two completely different things.

Your blog is located in your personal profile, which most people will never see unless you join and post at a message board.

Your blog is not connected with any message board in any way, shape, or form.

If you found a message board that interests you, and you want people at that message board to read what you have to say, you must post at that message board.

If you post in your blog without posting at a message board, it is most likely that no one at that message board will know that you exist, much less read your blog.

Wall, aka Live Feed:

Your live feed is the same thing as your wall. Just like your blog, it is located in your personal profile, and is not part of any message board. If you post on your wall and do nothing else, no one except a handful of Runboard staff members will have any way to know about it.

Chat room:

Runboard has different chat rooms:

RB-Wide chat is for all Runboard members to chat with each other. If you have a question of a private nature, this is not the place to ask. Runboard hosts thousands of message boards that are dedicated to many different topics. If you are looking for answers on how to deal with a narcissist, for example, there could be a wrestling fan at the other end, scratching his head trying to figure out what an 'N' is, because he is not a member of that particular support group.

Board-specific chat rooms: Each message board has its own chat room, and will have the same name as the board itself. You must be at a board to see that board's chat room. Some boards may also require that you are a member of that message board before you may enter their chat room.

One-on-one chat is for private, real-time chats with people who are on your friend list.
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