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BBCode provides a way to format your posts, whether you're adding an image, or just want to change the color of your text.

If you are making a post at a message board, you will see buttons you can click on to insert the various BBCodes into your post. If you are posting elsewhere, such as in your blog, adding a signature, or adding a message to your PM answering machine, you will need to either type the BBCodes in, or draft your post (without actually posting it) at a message board where you can use the buttons, and then copy that text over to wherever you want to use it.

Below are the codes you can use in message board posts, signatures, blog posts, and your PM answering machine:

Insert Link

Code: [url][sign in to see URL][/url]

Result: [sign in to see URL]

Code: [url=[sign in to see URL]]Runboard[/url]

Result: ]Runboard

Insert Image

Code: [img][sign in to see URL][/img]

Result: --Log in or sign up to see linked image content--


Code: [quote]Some text here[/quote]


Some text here

Bold Text

Code: [b]Some text here[/b]

Result: Some text here

Italicized Text

Code: [i]Some text here[/i]

Result: Some text here

Underlined Text

Code: [u]Some text here[/u]

Result: Some text here


Code: [center]Some text here[/center]

Some text here


Code: [code]Sometexthere[/code]

Some    text    here

Scrolling Marquee

Code: [marquee]Some text here[/marquee]

Result: Some text here

Colored Text

Code: [col=#ff0000]Some text here[/col]

Result: Some text here

Big Text

Code: [big]Some text here[/big]

Result: Some text here

Small Text

Code: [small]Some text here[/small]

Result: Some text here

Embed YouTube Video

Code: [youtube=bBqT9FuF2QQ]

Result: (Watch this video tutorial for more info)




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